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Online Shops and Order Systems for Fast Food and General Retail | Payment Registering and Online Vending Systems | We provide simple Webshops at affordable prices.

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Manchester, UK - SK16 4SJ
0800 599 9425
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Webshop + Mobile App | 5%
Webshop + Mobile App | 5%
Webshop + Mobile App | 5%
Webshop + Mobile App | 5%
Webshop + Mobile App | 5%
Webshop + Mobile App | 5%
Webshop + Mobile App | 5%
Webshop + Mobile App | 5%

Webshop + Mobile App | 5%

£795.00 /Site p/a

Website & Mobile App | PRO | 5%


Start taking orders through the Internet with your own dedicated Website and Mobile Application package.

Centralised Order Management

App ✓  | Mobile App to manage Orders on your Phone

Website  | "" domain 

Google   | Publish your business info to Google

      5%    | 5% Commission

Set delivery tariffs using customers post code to determine distance/charges/etc and fixed-cost/distance-tariff delivery and shipping rates depending on distance to delivery addresses or choice of Shipping option.

Manager and Staff Login Credentials allow day-to-day business operations to whilst preventing access to critical areas such as prices and cash/float management.

 Receive push notifications when new orders drop in.

If you need any help getting started we're on hand.

Android App

Manage your Orders, keep tabs on cash flow and delivery drivers and more with a dedicated custom Android App connected to your Website.

Your app comes customised with your business logo and colour scheme and secured to work seamlessly with your main Website. Our apps use the latest SSL communication encryption standards to secure your data.

Login using the same account info from your website. Check and amend an Orders status, receive notifications when new Orders drop in. Assign delivery agents to particular jobs, keep tabs on any cash handled by delivery agents. Optionally receive feedback from your customers for your products and also sections to make replies.

In-App Support Messaging and 'Call Restaurant' function readily available, cutting turnaround time on issues if and when they arise.

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